Year Of Gambling (YOGGING) - Scoring Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

"Year Of Gambling." Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? Do you still have some questions?? See below for scoring rules and FAQs...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Year Of Gambling??
A - Well, if you can think of a sporting event, we think you should make a prediction on it. We provide the ability to do this.

Q - Does it cost anything to play??
A - Nope.

Q - How do you play Year Of Games?
A - Let's call it YOG or YOGGING from now on, OK? To play, register, then create an entry. Then make picks for each event before the deadline.

Q - How do you get points?
A - Each event has a rating (zero to five stars) that determines scoring. The more important the event, the more points it is worth; for example, the NFL is a 5-star event worth up to 45 points; the Tour de France is a ½-star event worth 5 points.

YOG is unique in that you don't have to be exactly right, although you get more points if you are. For example, if you pick State U to lose in the Final Four, and they do, you get the maximum number of points. If they win the championship, you would get fewer points.

See the event list and scoring rules for details.

Q - Easy enough. I see something about creating an entry and joining a league. What is that?
A - Think of an entry as a bracket you might fill out for the NCAA Tournament; you have made one set of picks for the tournament. Think of a league as a pool you might join with those picks; you might enter those same picks (your entry) into many different pools (your leagues). An entry is one set of picks; a league is a group of entries.

Q - I want to create my own league with my friends; can I do that?
A - Sure! Create your own league and invite whoever you want!

Q - Great! Can you sum this up??
A - Sure. A season is a group of events. An entry is a list of picks for those events. A league is a group of entries that will be compared to each other.

Q - This sounds like the greatest pool ever!! I'm in! Are you??


  • All deadlines are at midnight US Eastern time
  • Ties in league standings will be broken as follows, unless otherwise indicated in the league rules:
    1. Most correct picks
    2. Most points in 5-star events, then 4-star events, etc
    3. Split
  • Every effort is made to ensure deadline dates are accurate; however, deadlines can change without notice, and a delay in an event may or may not mean the deadline for YOG will change. The YOG Board will make the final decision on deadlines
  • Every effort is made to ensure that player/team pick lists are up to date for each event; however, it is possible that some teams or players could be added or removed from the event itself or from the pick list for the event at any time. YOG participants may report missing players or teams, but such a report will not guarantee that the player or team will be added to the pick list, and the addition of the player or team to the list will not change the requestor's pick for the event
  • If a team or player does not participate in the event, no points will be awarded to that team or player and no replacement pick will be given on an automated basis, although YOG participants may change their pick if the deadline for the event has not passed. For example, if a horse is scratched from a race, no replacement pick can be made after the deadline for the event, even if the scratch occurs after the deadline
  • Results will be posted based on initial official results of the event; future changes to the result, such as for failed drug tests, that are not part of the initial result and official recognition of the result at the event will not be considered YOG results. For example, if a Tour de France winner is stripped of his title months later, YOG results will not be changed
  • Ties in event results:
    • If a sport applies a tie-breaker to determine playoff berths (such as in the NFL and NBA), that tiebreaker will be used to determine finishing order for YOG events beyond those teams that make the playoffs
    • If a sport does not apply a tie-breaker (such as MLB and golf), then all teams or players who are tied will be considered to have the same finish
  • Specific sport rules
    • In college basketball preseason conference events where teams must win the regular season or make the conference tournament semifinals, regular-season champions (defined by the #1 seed in the tournament) will receive a 5th-place finish if they do not reach the conference tournament semifinals
    • In college football, preseason picks to win and lose the championship game and semifinal games are determined by the results of those games; the four playoff participants will be considered to finish in the top four in the YOG results; all other teams will have their finish assigned by their highest pre-bowl ranking in the AP or USA Today poll, although will not be credited with finishing better than 5th; bowl games and final polls will not change these results. (Why? The four playoff participants are chosen by a committee, who will not rank the remaining teams. Teams not in the playoff cannot be considered to have finished higher than 5th, even if ranked in the top four in either poll.)
    • The sequence of manager/coach firings will be based on date, not date and time; two coaches fired on the same day are considered to have tied. The YOG Board will determine when a firing is "official" but it will generally require a press conference or team statement, and not rampant press speculation or the scheduling of a press conference
    • In boxing and UFC, you must pick the winner and whether it will be a victory by stoppage (KO, TKO, or any other reason) or a victory by decision (or you may pick draw). 1st place for the event will be the winner and method, second will be the winner and the other method. For example, if Fighter A wins by KO, 1st place will be Fighter A by KO, 2nd will be Figher A by decision. If the fight is a draw, there will be no second place
    • Boxing and UFC matches will be announced as early as possible; typically the matches used will occur in May and November but any match can be used at the discretion of the YOG Board
  • The YOG Board will make all scoring and other decisions not covered by these rules